Reduce Idling Increase Profit

Reduce Idling Increase Profit

How much fuel per hour does a semi truck use while idling at night?

It depends on what type of a truck you have. Are you idling on high rpms or low rpms? Is it cold or warm outside? Are you blasting heat or A/C? All these factors have to be considered when idling. It can range from 0.5 gallons per hour to 1.5 gallons per hour.

Cost Of Idling a Truck

If you are idling your truck 10 hours a day average, at 20 days a month that equals 200 hours of idling per month. Yearly that’s 2,400 hours of idling.  At an average of .8 gallons an hours yearly you are spending 1,920 gallons for idling 200 yearly idling hours.

At current diesel fuel prices average of $2.40 per gallon that’s yearly average of $4,608.00. Fuel prices, winter,summer, and more or less idling will obviously either raise or lower that average.

Saving money by reducing idling

If your average of $4,608.00 or more expense of idling can be avoided by at least 50% that is at least $2,304.00 yearly saved. If you have bought a truck on a 5 year term you can pay it off quicker by having extra $11,520.00 in your bank. Depending on your truck payment this can be 3-10 months paying your truck off quicker! Not only would you avoid a lot of interest on your loan, but also save your truck’s engine. Now imagine how much quicker you could pay off your truck or trailer by reducing 75% of idling.


Majority of big companies use any and every way possible to reduce idling. Multiply the savings by thousands of trucks by reducing idle times. There are plenty of after markets sources such as APU’s, cab heaters, and more to help you reduce your idle time.  At times we must idle, and that’s alright, but always look at idling from a business perspective if you are in this industry and realize that this is a great way to reduce costs, which will generate more profit in your bank.