Grow your trucking business through internet marketing.

Grow your trucking business through internet marketing.

How To Market Your Trucking Services ( Trucking Company Website)

Rather you just started your authority, or perhaps have had it for a while chances are you’re depending on load board freight too much.
Maybe you have bought a couple of trucks and are pulling your hairs out spending money on Facebook ads, and searching through over crowded Craigstlist ads in hopes you can land some good drivers.
Constantly you have to explain how your trucking company works, and what you offer.

You really want to work with direct shippers,and you tried started cold calling from yellow books but you’re having a hard time landing them. Did you notice what has been happening? You have been looking for people to either dispatch in your company, drive for your company, or give you freight for your company to transport. In today’s world where technology is so demanding the people you are looking for, may also be looking for you. However, where can they find you?

You Need A Website For Your Trucking Company.

Having a website for your business now a days is a very important aspect of attracting customers, drivers, and potential investors.
80% of carriers do not have a website or even a business card!
Out of the 20% that do have a website, 50% of them have a website that looks like it has been designed in 1998. YIKES!

How Does Having a Website Help My Business?

Let’s say your carrier is based out of Houston, TX. You specialize in Reefers, Flatbeds, and Dry Vans. Your carrier name might be “trucking56”. You would have a website address, and on your website you would have your location based out of Houston, TX showing all your services to potential customers that are looking for a carrier in Houston, TX  or a driver based out of Houston,TX that’s looking for a company to drive for.

Once a driver or a shipper googles “trucking company out of Houston, TX” your company would be right there for them. Having a website that shares information about your trucking company, services, and driver benefits makes potential customers and drivers feel more comfortable and build a desire to work with you.

What Should Your Website Have?

Your website should have these vital pages (but not limited to):

  • About Us: You want to share some background history about your company, and the owner of the company.
  • Services: You want to share what equipment you specialize in, which states, and any extras such as Hazmat, teams, tracking.
  • Driver Opportunities: A page dedicated for potential drivers what type of miles, pay structure, lanes, benefits your company offers, and also what your requirements are for drivers to be able to join your company.
  • Contact: You should have contacts for dispatching, recruiting, and sales. Not only should you have emails listed but also phone numbers.

Your website should show why your company is growing, and why it’s a good idea to work with your company. On time services, growth, safety, and more! Your trailers should have your website names for easy advertising. To advertise your website on your trailer the price should cost you no more than $30 per trailer, but imagine the exposure your company will receive.

I have been wanting to share this for a while but the problem has been that I also wanted to include a good source to design a website for you. Searching around the internet I have found that majority of web designers are asking for thousands and thousands of dollars to make a generic website! After digging through the internet for a website designer I have found the right person!

If you are interested in having your trucking company website designed I would highly suggest Larry Smith. I found Larry by having a dispatch service asking me if I would like their services. Always being curious I decided to check out their website: .
I was more curious in who designed their website and they recommended me Larry. Larry specializes in trucking company websites among other industries that he designs websites for.
Reason I recommend Larry is after talking with him he understands the needs for a trucking company when it comes to appeal of having social presence and his prices are way cheaper than other web design companies I have looked into!

Services that he offers are:

  • Trucking Company Logos
  • Trucking Company Business Cards
  • Trucking Company Websites ( includes designs, hosting, SEO, etc)
  • Trucking Company Resumes
  • Trucking Company Gear Designs (Custom Shirts, Hats, etc)
  • Trucking Company Banners/Flyers

To get into contact with Larry for price quotes, and more information his email is

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