How much does a trucking company make?

It can millions, but it can also barely stay afloat. This all depends on what type of freight you haul and for what rates. Mostly important it depends on how much does it cost a trucking company to operate.

An average trucking company should be able to profit a minimum of $1,000 a week, rather they have an owner operator or their own trucks.

Some companies make way more because of their lease/purchase programs. These companies mostly make their money of leasing their equipment to uneducated drivers that dream about owning their own trucks. They end up paying all the over head that it requires to own a truck and get what ever is left of the pie from the loads. Companies like this profit from the freight but also from the equipment that they lease to the drivers. Beautiful part about their profit is that they don’t have to pay any repairs or payments out of their own pockets.


Some companies lease owner operators and take a percentage out of the load pay. This percentage can range anywhere from 10% to 35%. If an owner operator makes a gross of $30,000 in a month at a rate of %15 they will keep $4,500.  If they have 20 owner operators that’s $90,000 a month. Their office, internet, a staff of few people can cost as much as $30,000. However they are still left with $60,000 a month. Beautiful part is the owner operators pay for everything; fuel, truck payments, trailers, permits, insurances, IFTA, heavy duty high way tax and whatever else!


There are also companies that have their own trucks and hire companies drivers. With companies like this it can vary anywhere, since after they pay the driver they have to pay for all the overhead and maintenance. Good thing is the equipment is being paid off and eventually they can sell it or lease to a driver where they will collect money that they didn’t earn before.

Bottom line is a trucking company can make anywhere from $10,000 a month to $3,000,000 . It all depends on their business plan.