Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “The Magic Of The Spot Market Freight” book cover?

  • Introduction To The Spot Market: Explains why there is freight on the spot market, how it became so popular and how everyday people are making tons of money. The seasons where freight picks up, and how rates change as the year passes by.
  • What Is A Good Rate Per Mile: There is no way to have a “good rate per mile”, and this part of the book explains how you will find out what rate per mile will work the best for you by teaching you how to calculate your cost per mile.
  • Where Do I Start Finding Loads: This book is dedicated for using a load board. It mentions which load boards, and also basic tutorial on these load boards. Subscribe to be updated on how to find direct shippers only.
  • Tools To Dispatch Out Of Your Truck: Equipment you will need to dispatch out of your own truck. This is dedicated for owner operators and independents that have the option to find their own loads.
  • Booking Your Own Freight From Your Truck: Dedicated to explain how to find time to book your own loads and he options you have.
  • Negotiation For Best Results: Covers how you should go on about negotiating for better rates. Always get more money. Also check out more negotiating tips here for free: 5 Negotiating Strategies For Better Rate Per Mile
  • Sealing The Deal: Once you are happy with a load, what do you do next? This covers on what you do, and best practices for confirming your load, check credit ratings and setting up with brokers.
  • Providing Quality Service & Developing Relationships: The importance of establishing your reputation and offering high quality service will get you better loads, and keep you updated on what’s going to be a hot trend next week. This teaches you how to be an A+ guy to go to for transportation, and how to develop professional relationships that will always keep you loaded at better rates than just the load board freight.

Who is “The Magic of The Spot Market Freight” resourceful for?

The beauty of our book is that it’s simple. It’s different from generic books all over Amazon, and so on because it has been directed to owner operators that want to book loads from their own trucks, but at the same time dispatchers, or someone who is looking to book loads on their own. To be blunt, the quote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” is the meaning of this book, but you can learn how to book your own freight from any boat. 😉

How can I be sure that I will learn to be an expert on booking my own freight?

There are ton of websites that offer classes for hundreds if not thousands of dollars to teach you what you will learn here. If by any chance you don’t understand a part, or have any questions, or more education you will be able to work with us one on one. This will not cost you anything, it comes with the price of the book. Either way you look at it, you will learn how to book your own freight. If the book doesn’t help you, we WILL until you learn.

I am looking to offer dispatch services, will the ” The Magic Of The Spot Market Freight” book help me?

Yes, you will find about which markets and commodities pay good money, what time of the year they pay, and how to get a hold of these loads. If you’re looking to start a dispatch service check out 7 Steps: How To Start A Dispatch Service For Truckers

Why Have a Book Teaching Others To Be Your Competition?

This is a multi billion dollar industry. Competition will always be here, but it’s harder to compete against an uneducated person. Knowledge is power, and the more people in this industry have knowledge on how to book quality loads, the better would be for everyone. Never worry about a guy with knowledge, worry about clueless guy that drags prices down because he hasn’t been informed properly about the industry.